Website Design Studio in Galway, Ireland

Old Website

It's a case of the clobblers children going barefoot ... We've been so busy with our clients' websites that we haven't had any time to devote to our own. Please click on the links to the right to see some recent work ... As for our own website ...We'll get there.

Who We Are

Hilmon Arts is a design studio based in the heart of Galway, Ireland. We are not a huge agency and that's just how we like it. We enjoy being an agile and productive studio, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs and provide the focused and attentive service that your projects deserve.

Established in 2006 we offer a wealth of award winning experience and knowledge. Our involvement in all things internet dates back to 1996.

We are focused on delivering complete web solution for our clients with greater back-end integration using Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress and eCommerce solutions.

We believe in web standards and forward compatibility. Crafting web sites that are both web browser compliant and search engine friendly.

What We Do

We provide contemporary web design, development and digital media across all sectors of business, entertainment and the arts.

So whether you are involved in the arts, tourism & leisure, a trade, fashion & beauty, health & well being, community projects or charities, we have the experience and expertise to deliver your message online.

Over the past few year we have fallen in love with Wordpress and now develop nearly all our projects on this wonderfully flexible and expandable platform. From photographer portfolio sites to Art Deco antiques catalogue web site, online shopping to events listings, Wordpress gives our clients the ability to easily maintain their own web sites at their own pace.

Our focus is on quality, service and customer satisfaction. Through outstanding preparation and execution, we deliver your marketing messages with innovation, style and clarity.


The World's No.1 Blogging engine has evolved into a more than just a blogging engine and is now used as a super user-friendly CMS. Although there are lots of pre-coded themes available today, (both free and premium), we prefer to design and code our Wordpress themes to suit our clients specific needs. Intelligently structure makes our website more flexible and scaleable to allow our clients to grow their website as their business grows.